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Anxiety sometimes be helpful.  The stress response (fight/flight) is a primitive response to protect us from danger.  If you were alone in the jungle it would be helpful to be alert to the dangers all around you.  Just in case.  Similarly, athletes and public speakers (and others!) use stress to their advantage. Importantly, the stress response can give us strength, which makes us fearless, fast and powerful. But this type of anxiety is not always useful, in particular when it continues for any length of time.

Thankfully, we are not exposed to those kinds of dangers or challenges on a daily basis.  Again, it is when we become overly stressed that our brains can get fixed on full anxious alert. As a result we can be left feeling exhausted and unable to cope with our daily lives. In the long run, we may find ourselves unable to sleep or even having a panic attack. Decision making can become difficult or impossible. On top of that, some people may experience other unwanted physical symptoms including pain and obsessive behaviours as in OCD.

Putting things back in perspective, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool which helps to relieve that stress and bring anxiety levels down. Consequently putting you back in control of your thoughts and emotions and therefore your life. Likewise, you can find your real self and focus on what is important. Just as important, you will be putting problems in perspective, rediscovering your creativity and taking control.


Hypnosis can bring about a very natural state of deep relaxation where you can focus your mind. Your subconscious is open to suggestion for your benefit. Therefore you quickly begin to feel calm and confident again. In addition to the benefits to your mental health, reducing anxiety also has enormous benefits for your physical health. For instance, hypnosis for anxiety can lower heart rate and reduce levels of inflammation. This can also have implications for pain relief as well as general and mental well being.

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