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Initial Consultation - £50 (60 euro).  (1 hour). 

Update - I am currently running sessions via Zoom (video conferencing) and face-to-face in

my Clinic in Dunmanway - Sherwood Healing Arts Clinic. 

Hypnotherapy Sessions – £70 (80 euro). (1 hour).

Expected Duration of sessions:

I would initially see clients at weekly intervals and treatment would normally take between 8 – 12 sessions, though this will vary and is dependent on each client.

Hypnotherapy – £70 (80 euro) per session.

(inc. Generalised Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Depression, Self Confidence / Esteem, Weight Loss / Gain, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, IBS, Sleep Disorders. 

Smoking Cessation – 2 x 1 hour session, 1 week inbetween.  100 euro per session.

Specific Phobias (Spiders, Fear of Flying, etc) – Initial consultation (£50/60 euro) and then a further 3 sessions at full price of £70 (80 euro).

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