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Hypnosis: How Hoes It Feel To

Be In A Trance?



Hypnosis is a natural state of deep relaxation similar to that achieved in meditation.  It is a completely safe and perfectly normal state we enter into many times a day, for example, when we are daydreaming, reading a book, watching television and doing repeated tasks. It can be described quite simply as focused attention.  Contrary to what stage and television shows will have you believe; you are in complete control throughout the therapy.  Increasingly relaxed and calm, you will become more focused on the positive suggestions we make in trance.

◦ What do I need to get started? 

Online sessions are facilitated via private video meetings to create a virtual therapy experience, using Zoom. You just need an internet connection, a laptop and a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed during the session, with a nice soft blanket and a comfortable cushion.  A link will be emailed to you and you just click on the link at the appointment time for your session.  I will explain it fully in advance of the session.

The hypnotherapy session comprises discussion and information gathering followed by therapeutic techniques tailored to your individual needs, in the hypnosis part of the session. This facilitates effective hypnotherapy treatment and is also usually a relaxing experience. It may also include teaching you techniques to use between the sessions. The session is approximately an hour in length.  


◦ How much does therapy cost?

- Free Initial Consultation ​- an information gathering session to see if therapy is the right choice for you.  There is no hypnosis during this session and it will usually take 1 hour.  I will provide a free relaxation audio recording to use between sessions to aid the process.

- Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy Session - A therapeutic session lasting 60 minutes - Solution-focused discussion and education followed 25 minutes of trance.  

- £70 (80 euro). 

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