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What My Clients Are Saying

I would highly recommend Sarah, I had a  fear of driving for a number of years which was having a massive impact on my life, with Sarah’s help I am now able to drive again and she has also helped me feel more confident and relaxed/calmer in general.


I have been very fortunate to have hypnotherapy from Sarah who is a kind and caring individual. During hypnotherapy sessions I have always found Sarah professional in her approach and willing to listen and support me as individual. Sarah has given me tools to use throughout my life that I will continue to use and grow to be independent with coping strategies.
I am eternally greatful for all her support.
I have know hesitation in feeling very comfortable with talking to Sarah.

A.M.  Devon.

I found Hypnotherapy with Sarah very beneficial to me during a period of anxiety and depression.  I came with a few misconceptions about hypnotherapy and was relieved to discover that I had control of my awareness and body throughout the sessions - although I did reach a deep almost meditative sleep like state.  This affirmation style therapy links more deeply with the subconscious. 

I found Sarah to have a soothing, calm, caring and professional approach.  She was able to cater the course to my individual situation and in the weeks and months that followed I had improved health, calmer heart rate and a more rational, positive outlook on life.  An invaluable support.  Highly recommended.  Many thanks.  

B.L.  Cornwall.

I cannot recommend Sarah Reeves hypnotherapy highly enough! I went to see Sarah at the end of last year in order to help give up my beloved red wine! This was predominantly to lose weight but also to improve my health and break a bad habit. Sarah is completely professional and highly empathetic. She explained the process very thoroughly and put me under no pressure to proceed if I did not wish to. To date I have lost a stone, feel completely empowered and have not touched a glass of wine since!

Anon, Devon.

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